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    Complete Meal Balancing Booster | JOINT

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    100% Human Grade Whole Foods

    Australian Made + Sourced

    Nothing artificial

    Scientifically formulated. Naturally potent.

    Pawfect as a functional meal topper

    Product description

    Boost their joint health in each meal with the addition of our proprietary blend of 100% human grade, real whole food organic ingredients.

    Our whole food blend is packed with the goodness of joint-strengthening, nourishing and soothing ingredients – inflammation fighting high curcumin Turmeric and Devil’s Claw and Rosehip Powder, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and joint supporting Sea Kelp, Kale and Reishi Mushrooms.

    Our JOINT Whole Food Balancing Booster is designed as the perfect addition to our Freeze Dried Daily Dog food, as well as giving commercial and homemade dog or cat food diets a natural joint supporting boost. It’s a cat and dog food supplement with a difference – using only natural, human grade ingredients, that are well researched to support improved joint health and those that assist with the easing of symptoms from arthritic conditions.

    Why your furmily will love it

    Ideal for dogs of all ages. Can be used as a preventative
    Promotes joint mobility and reduces stiffness
    Anti-inflammatory ingredients
    Our whole food ingredients may assist with reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions
    100% human grade ingredients made in HACCP human grade facility
    100% organic ingredients. No synthetics

    Nutritional Information

    100% Human Grade Ingredients:

    • Tumeric
    • Chia Seeds
    • Devil's Claw
    • Rosehip Powder
    • Tasmanian Sea Kelp
    • Reishi Mushroom
    • Kale Powder (organic)

    Feeding Guide

    As a meal topper:
    Sprinkle over wet food or mix with a little warm water into a paste and form into moulds. To feed on dry food, mix with a small amount of oil and drizzle over.

    Note: Turmeric is a natural dye and may stain fur, clothing & utensils.


    Dogs <5kg: 1-2g/day Dogs 5-15kg: 3g/day

    Dogs 15-25kg:4g/day

    Dogs 25kg+: 4g-6g/day


    Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Product may clump when exposed to moisture. Ensure a clean, dry spoon is used and secure cap after each use. Do not display in direct sunlight.

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    How we’re freshening up the pet food industry

    How we’re freshening up the pet food industry

    Not animal feed grade.

    No meat meals, animal by-products or other mysterious ‘meat-like’ ingredients.

    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    No grains, corn, wheat, soy, cereals or other sneaky tricks to keep costs down.

    Simple, wholesome ingredients minimally processed.

    We include the full ingredient list on all our packs.

    Refreshingly Different Dog Food

    Since 2015, we’ve been on a mission to deliver the fureshest dog food in Australia, and if we may be so bold, the world!

    We are obsessive about using only the highest quality, freshest and healthiest ingredients for our 100% human grade dog food.

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