We’re setting a new, fresh standard in pet food.

Our formulation philosophy is simple.

Our formulation philosophy is simple.

Make it real! We take the freshest ingredients from the three jewels in the FurFresh crown – raw Australian meat, Australian grown vegetables and vitamins & minerals, perfectly balancing them to craft the freshest, healthiest and most nutritiously delicious food your dog has ever eaten.

And naturally, we put in all the good, healthy things dogs need and leave out the things they don’t. This means that FurFresh food does not contain any added artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. We are grain-free and we never use any fillers or sneaky tricks to keep costs down.

It’s just honest, healthy food for your furmily made with the same quality ingredients that you’d feed yourself.

Keep reading below to find out about the 3 jewels in the FurFresh Formulation Crown.

The 3 crown jewels for perfectly balanced dog food

Fresh Raw Meat

The first jewel in the FurFresh formulation crown is fresh, raw meat. We have nothing to hide, so our fresh, raw meat is never minced, so you can see exactly what’s in it.

Why raw? Well, we’ve done countless hours of research and spoken with leading veterinarians and animal nutritionists to understand that the best, healthiest and most natural way to consume meat for dogs is in its raw form. If your dog was in the wild, would they cook their meat?

Having said that! We know that raw isn't right for every dog, which is why we've designed our raw dog food to allow for it to be cooked! We don't include any bones so a quick pan fry is all that's needed if desired.


The second jewel in the FurFresh formulation crown stands for fresh, Australian veggies. Our Australian vegetables are quickly blanched first to mirror the natural digestion process of wild prey animals.

Simply put, blanching first makes it easier for your fur baby to digest, without cooking them to the point of lost nutrients. We use a mixed variety to ensure your dog gets a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and textures.

Vitamins and Minerals

The third jewel in the FurFresh formulation crown stands for Vitamins & Minerals. This sets us apart from a home cooked diet, as these vitamins & minerals need to be added in just the right amounts to make sure that your fur baby is getting all they need to be the healthiest, happiest and fureshest pup in the park.

To meet all of the nutritional requirements of professionally made pet food, we add an amino and essential vitamin blend that is over 99% natural (some key vitamins like D and K aren't viable in their natural form). Because it represents a small component of our overall mix, we are proud to say our daily food is 99.98% natural.