Their health is in your hands.

We believe that the health of your furmily is in your hands, and what you put into their bowl.

Fresh Whole Foods

We believe the healthiest choice you can make is to feed your dog fresh, minimally processed whole foods, meaning food that is as true to its original, natural form as possible. And we're not alone, from the RSPCA to leading vets around the world, they all agree choosing that whole foods will help your furmily thrive (not just survive).

Diced, Not Minced

Our founder, Emma, built FurFresh on the promise of transparency. That a pet pawrent can look into their pet's bowl and see exactly what was in their food. That's why our food is never minced. Additionally, diced meat is better for teeth and gums. Because they have to chew the chunks of meat, it is also better for digestion as it limits gulping. As a result, the dog takes longer to eat and is more satiated too.

Raw, Fresh Meat

We know our dogs act just like us humans most of the time, so it’s tempting to believe that our fur babies are exactly the same on the inside as we are. Yet, science shows us that a dog’s digestive system is different to ours. Therefore, the most natural feeding option for your dog (in our humble, yet well-researched opinion), is to choose fresh, raw meat. However, we also know that raw food isn't right for every dog, which is why we've designed our raw food to be able to be cooked too. It's our pawfectly balanced compawmise.

Grain Free

While our furry friends are more at home on the couch than in a den these days, a dog’s digestive system just isn’t equipped to handle a large amount of grains. Many pet food companies choose grains as cheap fillers to keep costs down. We're determined to do things differently, and honestly. So, that's why we've chosen to make our food grain free.

Sustainable Ingredients

We support Australian farmers and choose local Australian ingredients for our pet food. From our Tasmanian salmon and fresh Tassie blueberries, to our Gippsland beef and west-coast Sardines, we're keeping it local to reduce our brand's paw-print on this planet.

Prepared Fresh, Instantly Frozen

To preserve the integrity of our ingredients we choose to freshly prepare our healthy dog food and instantly freeze or freeze dry it. This way, you can know that when you serve our food to your dog, it’s in peak nutritional condition, just like them.