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    Australian Chicken Breast Sprinkles 50g

    In stock!

    100% Human Grade Whole Foods

    Australian Made + Sourced

    Nothing artificial. No glycerine, sugars or coatings

    Single Ingredient Treat

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    Product description


    We love reducing waste here at FurFresh so we've packaged up the small pieces and fine sprinkle powder that is left over at the end of our run of Australian Chicken Breast treats

    Each 50g jar will contain a mixture of very small chunks and fine powder and may vary from the picture (some jars might be mostly powder - full transparency!!). However, we still think that this is the purrfect solution to sprinkle over your cat or dog's meal and use the tiny bits for training treats.

    The chicken sprinkles are a lean protein treat in perfect bite-sized pieces and are ideal training treats or for the puss or pooch watching their weight.

    And they're the same, single ingredient Australian chicken breast, freeze dried to lock in nutrients and flavour with NOTHING else added. 

    They're absolutely irresistible to your dog and cat! Grab them before they run out!


    P.S. A note from Emma: Please don't judge our product photography or labels for the sprinkles! I'll update with fancier imagery at a later date! Emma x

    Why your furmily will love it

    Loved by dogs + cats
    Ideal for training, walk treats and puppy school
    Lean protein treat
    Healthy, low-fat option
    Good source of Vitamin B6
    Chicken breast - not minced!

    Nutritional Information

    100% Human Grade Ingredients: Australian Chicken Breast. And. That's. It!

     Typical Analysis


    Crude Protein


    Crude Fat


    Energy M/E



    Feeding Guide

    Suitable for dogs and cats. Ideal for training treats as they are mess-free and bite-sized. Our deliciously nutritious treats are intended for occasional feeding only. Ensure your pet has access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times.

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    How we’re freshening up the pet food industry

    How we’re freshening up the pet food industry

    Not animal feed grade.

    No meat meals, animal by-products or other mysterious ‘meat-like’ ingredients.

    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    No grains, corn, wheat, soy, cereals or other sneaky tricks to keep costs down.

    Simple, wholesome ingredients minimally processed.

    We include the full ingredient list on all our packs.

    Refreshingly Different Dog Food

    Since 2015, we’ve been on a mission to deliver the fureshest dog food in Australia, and if we may be so bold, the world!

    We are obsessive about using only the highest quality, freshest and healthiest ingredients for our 100% human grade dog food.

    From Our Purrfect Pawrents

    All your questions, answered.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I have to subscribe?

    Not at all! You can buy a one-off box in either 5kg or 10kg (10 packs or 20 packs) in your selection of proteins. If you do subscribe, you receive a discount on each purchase and you can cancel or change at any time.

    Is your food complete and balanced?

    Absolutely! We have worked with Australia’s leading animal nutritionist to ensure that our food has absolutely everything that your dog needs for optimal health and wellness.

    Our recipes not only meet, but well exceed the nutritional profiles set out by AAFCO, NRC and FEDIAF. Our food is suitable for all life stages, including puppies (with the exception of giant breed puppies). 

    Is your food suitable for puppies?

    With the exception of giant breeds (i.e. Great Danes) who need more calcium and phosphorus for their rapidly growing bones, we are suitable for all other puppies.

    Puppies needs to be fed 9% of their body weight across 3 meals a day up until their 12 weeks old. Then 7% at 6 months, 5% at 9 months and around 3% at 12 months. After that point, they can move to the adult feeding guide of around 2% of body weight per day.

    Why can your raw food be cooked and others can't?

    Great question! 99.99% of commercial raw food shouldn’t be cooked, primarily because of the bone content included in the food.

    We don’t include bones in our raw food, so the mix can safely be cooked. You can quickly pan fry it before serving, or some people simply warm in the microwave.