That’s a great question and one we thought long and hard about. The truth is that offal is a tricky subject. We fully endorse our dog’s need for offal as a rich source of iron, magnesium and other goodies, but there is quite a bit of debate around the quantity and frequency of offal feeding. The reality is that each dog has different needs, some can tolerate every day, some breeds only a couple of times a week, and breeds like Dalmatians often don’t cope very well at all with offal. So, we’ve chosen to allow you, the pet parent to choose how often and what type of offal you feed. Most add 5-10% (and never more than 15%) 2-3 times per week. Some great secreting offal choices are:

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Spleen
  • Brain
  • Pancreas
  • Testicles

Remember, whatever you choose, make sure it’s human grade and ethically sourced.