English Staffy Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

English Staffy Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

Breed Info Summary

Breed Suits: families with older children, active lifestyles

Shedding/Non-Shedding: Moderate

Size: Medium


The Staffordshire Staffy is a breed of dog native to England's Staffordshire County. They were bred for the first time in the nineteenth century as a mix of various terrier breeds and Bulldogs. The bull bait sport, which was very popular at the time, was the main reason for the creation of the Staffordshire Bull breed.


Staffies like social engagement, not only with family members but also with complete strangers. When they are confronted by other dogs, they tend to act aggressively. Staffy puppies should be socialised early between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks.

English Staffies enjoy playing on their own time while they are not with their owners. If there isn’t enough exercise and playtime for your pet, they will automatically find other ways to spend their time. The majority of their time is spent in less desired activities such as digging, destructive chewing, and fleeing.

Pros and cons to consider


  • Loyalty to its owner
  • Special care is not required, and shreds will not be scattered everywhere
  • Having courage and fearlessness is one of the advantages.


  • The necessity of training is a disadvantage for many owners, as training is critical
  • Excessive energy may also be a drawback

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