100% Human Grade Ingredients:

  • Chai Seeds (organic)
  • Parsley (organic)
  • Chamomile Powder (organic)
  • Valerian Root Powder (organic)
  • L-Tryptophan (pharmaceutical grade)
  • Passionflower Herb Powder (organic)
  • Ginger Powder (organic)

Feeding Guide

Sprinkle the mix over wet/fresh food and mix. If feeding on dry food, mix with water, broth or healthy oil then pour over. 


 Dogs <5kg: 3g/day

Dogs 15kg-25kg: 6-8g/day

Dogs 5-15kg: 4g-6g/day

Dogs 25kg+:8-12g/day


In one-off periods of high stress, dosage can be increased by up to 50% for a short period of time. 

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Do not display in direct sunlight.