Green-Lipped Mussels: A Dog’s Joint Health Superhero

Green-Lipped Mussels: A Dog’s Joint Health Superhero

Green lipped mussels can provide joint support as NSAIDs (also known as non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) without the harmful side effects.

What Are Green Lipped Mussels?

Simply speaking, green lipped mussels are a species of mussel found in New Zealand. It has a bright green stripe around its shell and a distinctive blue-green lip on the inside of the shell. When it comes to treating arthritis and joint pain, few remedies match the natural healing power of the green-lipped mussel.

The unique combination of nutrients in GLM's have been found to:

  • Reduce and relieve painful joint inflammation

  • Strengthen bones

  • Protect joints from future damage

  • Build and protect cartilage and joint fluid

  • Improve joint metabolism

  • Boost overall immunity

Clearly, green-lipped mussels are a natural  joint health superhero.

According to, although the full benefits of green lipped mussels for dogs are still relatively unknown, there have been several studies showing their usefulness in treating osteoarthritis in pets. One of those studies, published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal, evaluated the response of dogs suffering from chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. Dogs who took a green-lipped mussel preparation for eight weeks experienced less pain and locomotion difficulties than those who took a placebo. In addition, dogs taking the supplement also needed less carprofen—a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)—to fight chronic pain.

How Much Green Lipped Mussel Should We Give to our Dogs? 

Researchers have established a safe and effective dose in dogs. In general, you’ll want to give your dog 20 to 49mg/kg/day of green lipped mussels daily. After ten days, reduce this to a half dose.

So the dose of green lipped mussel for dogs by weight is:

  • 0-4.5kg: 200mg

  • 4.98-11kg: 400mg

  • 11.7-22.7kg: 800mg

  • 23-34kg: 1,200mg

  • 35kg: 2,400mg

Remember, you’ll also want to see a nutritional analysis of your dog’s green lipped mussels … because you want to see at least 6% fat content. Anything less and your dog likely won’t get much benefit. This is one of the reasons we choose to keep our Green Lipped Mussels whole in our treats to ensure maximum benefits.  

You might also see green lipped mussel products in a water base. These products won’t be as effective either because the fatty acids will be missing. 

So green lipped mussels are a great way to both prevent and manage arthritis in dogs. Unlike steroid options, they take a few days to work. After the initial 10 days, most dogs do well without much need for pain control. 

We can always go natural and stop the unwanted side effects from drugs. And for dogs with joint pain, green lipped mussels are a great start!

Discover our Premium NZ Green Lipped Mussels treats for dogs and cats. These single ingredient Green lipped mussel dog and cat treats are loaded with naturally occurring Omega 3s, glucosamine and chondroitin and may assist in improving joint health and alleviating arthritis symptoms.

Unlike others on the market, these mussels are absolutely enormous! Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the integrity of the mussel is preserved and nutrients are locked in.

Also, if you see a blue shiny strip at the edge of your mussel that’s the green lip that gives them their name! Just another indication that our mussels are awesome!

Naturally, we all want what is best for our furmily. While joint issues are common in canines and felines, advancements in holistic medicine are changing the way we combat joint ailments. Green-lipped mussels are working wonders in healing, treating, and preventing joint pain in dogs.In order to truly maximize the positive effects of your dog and cat’s GLM supplements, a healthy lifestyle is key. In particular, your dog needs a well-balanced, fresh diet and consistent exercise.


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