Husky Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

Husky Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

Breed Info Summary

Breed Suits: Families, active lifestyles

Shedding/Non-Shedding: Moderate

Size: Large


The Chukchi people of Northern Siberia were the first to establish the Siberian Husky breed. Sledge dogs have been produced and preserved by the Chukchi tribesmen for centuries, and the Siberian huskies are direct descendants of those sledge dogs.

The first Siberian Huskies, still known as Chuckchis, came in Alaska in the early twentieth century. Sled-racing became popular about the same time, and dog racers in the United States were surprised and inspired by the breed's speed. Around that period, the breed was named Siberian Husky by Americans.


Siberian Huskies are intelligent dogs with a stubborn attitude. They were bred to run, which can be overwhelming at times for owners trying to manage this desire. These dogs are very sociable and enjoy being around people. They get along well with children and other dogs, especially those with whom they were raised. They may, however, chase cats, rats, rabbits, and other animals due to their high prey drive.

Siberians are known for being diggers, especially in hot weather when they dig for a cool area to lie down. They don't bark much, but do howl a lot.

Pros and cons to consider


  • Friendly with people of all ages
  • Youthful and athletic
  • Intelligent
  • Easygoing
  • Get on well with other pets


  • Not really a guard dog
  • Strong desire to run
  • Sheds heavily twice a year

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