Airedale Terrier Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

Airedale Terrier Guide, Origin, Characteristics, and Personality

Breed Info Summary

Breed Suits: Families with children, companionship, apartment living (with enough exercise)

Shedding/Non-Shedding: Little

Size: Medium


According to the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Airedale terriers were first produced by mill workers in Northern England's Aire Valley in the mid-1800s. Their job was to capture rats and other small prey, and to participate in other small animal hunts. The canines' high intelligence was quickly recognized, and they were soon being used as service dogs on farms, in the police force, and even in the military.

Airedale terriers are clever and lively canines who have nowadays become popular household pets.


Airedale Terriers are frequently referred to as one of the smartest terriers. Their brilliance, along with their independent spirit, gives them a lot of personality. They are totally loyal to their family and may also be extremely cuddly!

This is a result of the dog's growth — they are multi-talented with a calm demeanour, high intelligence, and an instinctive desire to defend their family from harm. The essential role of the Airedale is to be a companion and family dog.

Pros and cons to consider


  • Rarely sheds
  • Highly intelligent
  • Strong adaptability
  • Playful and friendly


  • Needs plenty of activity or they will engage in unpleasant behaviours such as gnawing and digging
  • Mouthy and will bark if left alone for an extended amount of time
  • Needs a lot of training (breed can very independent and stubborn)

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