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It's only natural to want the best for your dog. As their humans, we have a certain responsibility to love, care and make healthy choices on their behalf.

100% Human Grade Whole Foods.

We believe that the healthiest choice that you can make is to feed your dog fresh, healthy whole foods that are 100% human-grade. By choosing human-grade food, you can be assured that your dog is eating the best-quality food around. And, we’re not alone in our philosophy, the RSPCA recommends human-grade too (you can check out their feeding guide here).

Diced, not Minced.

We also believe in transparency. FurFresh dog food is made with ingredients that you can identify at a glance, not left to wonder what’s been minced up – just perfectly diced Australian meat, veggies with essential vitamins & minerals. Why diced? Diced meat is better for teeth and gums and because they have to chew the chunks of meat, it is better for digestion as it limits gulping. As a result, the dog takes longer to eat and is more satiated too. 

Raw, Fresh Meat.

We know our dogs act just like us humans most of the time, so it’s tempting to believe that our fur babies are exactly the same on the inside as we are. Yet, science shows us that a dog’s digestive system is different to ours. Therefore, the most natural feeding option for your dog (in our humble, yet well-researched opinion), is to choose fresh, raw meat. We understand that there could be nervousness around this raw feeding method if you haven’t done it before, but ask yourself, would your dog cook their food if they were in the wild?

Predominantly Grain-Free

While our little furry friends are more at home on the couch than in a cave these days, a dog’s digestive system just isn’t equipped to handle a large amount of grains. Small amounts are okay, and we do include them in our Chicken variety, but make sure they’re as simply processed as they can be. White is not nice rice.

Australian Sustainable Ingredients.

Australian food is just the best. Since we’re a wholly-owned and operated Australian company, it makes complete sense for us to support our farmers and choose local Australian ingredients for our FurFresh dog food. We work with famers and suppliers to bring you beautiful pasture-fed Beef, sustainable wild-caught Kangaroo and ethically raised Chicken. Oh, and our veggies are Australian-grown too.

Prepared Fresh. Instantly Frozen.

To preserve the integrity of our ingredients we choose to freshly prepare our healthy dog food and instantly freeze it. This way, you can know that when you serve our food to your dog, it’s in peak condition, just like them. You can read our FAQs to find out how best to defrost it.

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