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Our Food is Great!

But you don’t have to take our word for it… read our testimonials.

Ally has thoroughly enjoyed all the flavours of Furfresh… Her coat is amazing – soft, thick, next to no malting – AMAZING… Each time I go to the fridge to feed her she bolts to the kitchen sits with her tail wagging like it could fling off at any moment. Then once I have the food in the bowl she leaps across the lounge room like a deer and sits down waiting eagerly for the food to be given to her. The anticipation is sometimes too much for her and she starts licking her lips and jumping about. Once Ally has eaten her food she then licks the bowl rapidly making sure she hasn’t left one drop of Furfresh in the bowl.

Pawrent to Ally

Barkaroo is like doggie crack – Ziggy is totally addicted. It’s moved into the number one position of High Value Treats. Given the choice between little pieces of cooked sausage or bits of fresh meat, Zigs will opt for the Barkaroo. It’s going to be our new training go to, and it’s a lot less messy 🙂 Thanks

Pawrent to Ziggy

Billie LOVES her Furfresh – she cannot wait until dinner now…she used to be a very fussy eater but now it’s gone in seconds! We have also had a lot of issues with food allergies, and we have finally found something that’s fresh and healthy, which she is happy to eat that has stopped the constant scratching! Loved by the family all-round. Thanks FurFresh 🙂

Pawrent to Billie

“I received a sample pack for my Border Collie. She is very fussy with her food and often turns her nose up at what we cook for her, but she loved this. Thank you!”

Kiwi’s Pawrent

“I recently purchased the trial pack and my puppy loves them! I’m slowly introducing them into her food and her tummy seems great!”

Pawrent to Snuffle

“Ned has been enjoying his FurFresh dinners! He is glossy and full of energy!”

Pawrent to Ned