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Grass-Fed Australian Beef + Veggies + Chia 500g


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100% Human Grade Ingredients

Australian Grass-Fed Beef with mixed Australian veggies plus Omega 3 from Chia Seeds

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100% Human Grade ingredients.

Discover the highest-quality raw, grass-fed Australian beef combined with mixed Australian vegetables of carrot, potato, broccoli & peas plus Chia seeds, an excellent source of Omega 3. This perfectly balanced dog food is the fureshest that you can buy.

Size: 500g

Ingredients: Beef (fillet), carrots, broccoli, potato, peas, Australian canola oil, chia seeds, psyllium, maca powder, turmeric, barley grass, sea kelp.

About our pawfectly balanced FurFresh food:

Healthy, fresh whole food for dogs made with 100% human grade ingredients (including our vitamins)

Ethically and locally sourced meat

Australian grown vegetables

Superfoods including Chia, Maca and Psyllium husk

Designed to be served raw

Raw feeding has many health benefits:

  • It’s a more natural way of feeding from an evolutionary perspective – if your dog was in the wild would they cook their food?
  • Better for their digestive system
  • Shinier coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smaller stools

BUT, you can also cook it! We get it, some pup princes and princesses prefer a hot meal. Our meals can be pan fried or sous vide directly in our food grade pouch!

Why Human Grade:

In some dog foods, the quality of ingredients are much lower than what we would choose for our dogs. We believe that the way to guarantee that you’re feeding your dog high quality food with no nasties is to choose human grade – just like the food you’d feed yourself.

No Nasties – no artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, or fillers

Grain free

Made in Sydney

Feeding Info: We recommend feeding at 1-3% of body weight per day of TOTAL food (this includes treats, bones and those sneaky bits of your human’s food). At 1%, a medium 12kg dog will get 4 serves from each twin pack. Read more feeding info here


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