Pawfie by FurFresh | Pooch Selfie The Ultimate Pet Photography Tool


  • The most versatile puss and pooch selfie stick for treats
  • Compatible with virtually any phone
  • Made from food-grade silicone, easily washable
  • Designed with clever suction cups for easy removal or repositioning
  • Fits most sized treats from small pieces to whole fish!
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The Pawfie was born out of pure frustration at doggie events and at home trying to capture the perfect selfie or picture of our dog! At dog shows, I’d find myself constantly struggling to hold the treat, give a voice command and also somehow hit the camera button to take the picture. Most of the time either the treat or the phone would end up on the ground. A solution was needed that was lightweight and ultimately super versatile to hold different sized treats, on practically any phone or camera, and in a number of positions.

The Pawfie is an ultimately versatile pet & pooch selfie tool. The Pawfie is made from food-grade silicone that is easily cleaned for better hygiene. The innovative design uses suction cups of the underside of the Pawfie that can attach to the front screen, back or even wrap around the top, bottom or side of your phone. Thanks to the flexible nature of silicone and the suction cups, the Pawfie can be adjusted to fit virtually any sized treat – we’ve used it with tiny pieces of dried chicken or as big as a whole freeze dried sardine!

I have a phone case, will it work? We believe it will! We’ve tested it out on Otterbox, Body Glove and Lifeproof style cases as it works because you can always attach it to the front screen/screen cover and use the side buttons to shoot. Genius!

Why a Treat Selfie Stick and not a Ball Selfie Stick? Let’s face it, some dogs are ball motivated but 99% of dogs are food motivated! And cats, well, when they do decide to grace us with their presence are much more affectionate if we’re holding food!

Add this to your pupparrazi tool kit for picture pawfect shots every time!

Photo credit: @lewis_cavoodle

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