Dog Owner Tells How The Life Of Her Dog Changed After Feeding Him This 100% Natural Dog Supplement

Did you know that over the past 10 years, there has been a 30.7% increase in environmental allergy cases in dogs and an 11.5% increase in cats?

Experts and vets are quick to recommend expensive medications and treatments that are all too often, short-lived and don’t address the root of the problem.

A growing group of pet parents are taking matters into their own hands and armed with research and recommendations from other pet parents, they’ve found a solution that’s shockingly simple!

Feed their dogs pet supplements made from REAL food ingredients – not synthetics that their bodies can’t recognise, and the results are quite literally life-changing.

The story of Jimmy the Kelpie Staffy is a powerful example. In a recent post on social media, Jimmy’s mum explains that the results were so transformational for Jimmy that she felt compelled to share her and Jimmy’s story.

“Jimmy suffered from seasonal allergies that affected his skin and caused his fur to fall off. Usually, one hit of Cytopoint helped reduce Jimmy’s irritation and clear up the symptoms. My vet and I found topical treatments like shampoos (Malaseb), creams, and oral meds we’ve tried don’t help much.”, Jimmy’s mum writes.

“Earlier in February of 2022, Jimmy had a severe flare-up which cleared up quickly but not up to four months later, he flared up again.

For several months, I tried different combinations of different kinds of medications to try to find a way to get Jimmy looking and feeling better again (and not so itchy).

I made changes to Jimmy’s food, used different kinds of washes for his sensitive skin, and tried different supplements for his allergy-affected skin – unfortunately, nothing worked.”, she lamented.

After spending close to $2k on treatment in the past 12 months alone and feeling completely at a loss for what to do, she tried a 100% natural whole foods supplement by FurFresh that she simply added to Jimmy’s regular food.

“I was at the end of my rope and I was really starting to feel like I was failing my son,” she wrote.

The supplements arrived and were added to Jimmy’s daily food. In a matter of weeks, everything changed, and even Jimmy’s mum couldn’t believe the results.

“Now let me tell you that I am truly amazed and so damn thankful for the change in Jimmy’s coat in just TWO WEEKS!” she writes.

Jimmy’s fur was less patchy, his skin healed and he finally wasn’t constantly itching and irritated.

“I showed my vet the results and even she was amazed by it and agreed that medication wasn’t necessary anymore unless things go back to how they were!!” she exclaimed.

“I’m not usually one to post online reviews for products but these boosters just blew my mind. After spending close to probably $2k on treatment the past 12 months alone and feeling completely at a loss for what to do, these have been an absolute godsend!

Thank you @furfresh for these amazing products and for giving my baby some long-awaited relief!”, she concluded along with the gorgeous accompanying pics of the much happier Jimmy.

But what made this godsend dog supplement so much better than traditional washes and medication for Jimmy?

Here are a few things to look out for if you’re looking for a life-changing natural supplement:

Made With 100% Human-Grade Whole Food

The true quality of dog supplements for skin and immunity like the one that worked for Jimmy (called FurFresh IMMUNITY Whole Food Meal Booster) is that they’re made using 100% human-grade whole food ingredients – not packed full of synthetics or full of cheap fillers, with hardly any active ingredients.

Look for one that is transparent about its ingredients, with a full list on the packaging. Choose one with as many organic ingredients as possible, for the highest quality and nutrient integrity.

Contains Balanced, Researched Ingredients

There is a growing body of research that studies ingredient effects on canine (and feline) health. One of the more researched ingredients is Turmeric, or more accurately, the active compound Curcumin. High-curcumin turmeric, like the one in FurFresh IMMUNITY Whole Food Meal Booster, has been shown in studies to have an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect and can be ingested (by mixing through food) or applied topically as well. The former method is preferable in most circumstances as topically applied turmeric can stain fur (and fur-niture)!

Chia seeds have a dual purpose for canine health. Not only are they omega-rich, but studies have also shown that they act as an effective moisture-binder which helps bulk up the stools, keeping things nice and regular.

Doesn’t Contain Grain Or Cheap Dog Food Fillers

A dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to handle large amounts of grain. However many pet supplement manufacturers choose grains like wheat, barley, rice, or corn as cheap fillers to keep costs down and profits up. The reality is that supplements containing high filler quantities will simply not be as effective as those that don’t.

The FurFresh IMMUNITY Whole Food Meal Booster is grain free and uses organic psyllium husk as an excellent and natural source of fibre, great for digestion and regularity, and is low in carbohydrates.

Lovingly Made in Australia

In an increasingly globalised world where manufacturing points are murky, it’s always better to support Australian made. Australia has some of the strictest food quality standards in the world, and globally Australia is known for its high-quality food products.

All of the FurFresh range is made in Australia, and the brand reports that the Booster range is blended in a human-grade facility in Western Sydney.

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